Evaluation Program: Seven-A-Side Football Coaching National Paralympic Committee (NPC) of Indonesian at ASEAN Para Games 2015 in Singapore

Document Type : Original Article


State University of Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia


This study aims to evaluate the seven-a-side football program of the national Paralympic committee (NPC) of Indonesia at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Para Games 2015 in Singapore. The study used a qualitative method to fulfill the research objectives, using the Context Input Process Product (CIPP) model, a data of questionnaires, as well as observation method. The result showed that evaluation of context including a legal basis and strong government policy, the vision, mission, and goals has been fulfilled. The evaluation of input that denotes recruitment process of good athletes and coaches are going well. Evaluation of process that includes the training plan has been implemented well, but the implementation of training, assessment exercises, evaluation and monitoring need to be optimized. The evaluation of product involves athletes’ performance in Difabel event that has not been implemented optimally with three defeats and one draw, so they were runners-up in the ASEAN Para Games 2015 in Singapore. According to the findings, the planning of the development program for seven-a-side football athletes at the ASEAN Para Games 2015 in Singapore is solidly legal. Therefore, this program needs a comprehensive evaluation to achieve better results in future.